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Routine Maintenance will be performed beginning at 3:00PM Thursday August 20,2020. During that time Internet Access for Billing Inquiries and Payment Processing will unavailable. We appreciate your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience during this routine system maintenance period. Click2Gov 
Building Permits: This service enables citizens and contractors to complete the most common steps in the building permit process online, including scheduling inspections and viewing inspections results.

Online Building Job Completion.

You can find a detailed review of the inclusions, exclusions, and required documents. Please reveiw this document to ensure accuracy when submitting your Building Job. The document can be found using the Return to Building Department Website button on the left.

Building Permit Job applications can now be completed online. With our upgraded online applications you can complete :

--> Complete application details
--> Upload documents and Plan Reviews
--> Pay for new online application via Credit card only.
--> Pay for a dropped off Building Job application. **
--> Check Plan Review Status
--> Inspection Scheduling
**If job was brought to our office for processing, please contact us first to confirm the amount due before submitting a payment.**

We are accepting applications for the following Job Types:

<-- Commercial Roofing
<-- Residential Roofing
<-- Commercial HVAC (Mechanical)
<-- Residential HVAC (Mechanical)
<-- Commercial Hot Water Heater
<-- Residential Hot Water Heater
<-- Commercial Windows & Doors (only size for size)
<-- Residential Windows & Doors (only size for size)

**Please Note the Following:**
*When completing an online application, please obtain a propertry record card from the office of the Lake County Property appraiser's office. A button has been provided to the left for your conveneince.

*We will make every effort to ensure that your online Building Job is processed quickly. However, there are some cases in which additional approvals may be required.

*We cannot accept online Jobs that are in the Historic District or flood zone areas. Please come to our office to complete those jobs.

*Each address requires a separate address. Specifically for locations such as duplexes. Each unit requires its own permit.

*Triplexes and above are considered Commercial jobs.

*We cannot accept Owner Builder jobs online. Please come to our office to get and Owner Builder Permit.

*All contractors must have up to date information to be able to submit an application online. If this information is not up to date, please contact our office.

*If there are any subcontractors, they will have to be added when arriving to our office.

Attachments can be uploaded through our system. This is for all job. Click Locate Job on the left side menu. Enter your job id and click search. As the results appear you can see Attachments in the menu.

Plan Review Comments are viewed better using Internet Explorer.